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    Survey closing too early Less than 5 days


      Hello All,


      I have an issue where my surveys in the LANDesk system closes less than 5 days.

      Now I am very new at this system, I was poking around some information here and there and found out that you can set it up via the poll.exe config files.


      I am familiar with VISUAL Basic, but not a master at it...

      I found that there is a key


      <add key="StatusValue" value="Survey Completion"/>

      <add key="Poll Period" value="2"/>


      If I were to change the value of the "Poll Period" to 5, would this solve the issue?


      Also, is there a way to manually send a survey, somehow the system is set on sending survey every 3-4 incident created.


      Thanks in Advance!


      Best Regards,


      Emil Setiawan

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          Hi Emil,


          There is a manual called "Customer Satisfaction Tracking" that gives some guidance on setting up surveys.  There are some design import files that you might want to import into your test system to have a look at.  I believe that these would import some standard processes and questions for you.  There is a Incident with Survey process and if you look at the Complete Survey action this will show you the survey window which details the standard questions on it.


          If you don't have a copy of this manual, you can download any 7.2.6 or 7.3 manuals by logging into the support portal and clicking on the downloads tab.


          Kind Regards,



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            Hi J-P,


            Thanks for the reply! I will check out the 7.2.6 manual.


            Best Regards,