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    OSD hangs LD8.8 SP4 - DOC-3473 does not apply


      Nothing happens after choosing a script from the menu in PE.

      • Networking has been started successfully.
      • The landesk server name is resolved correctly.
      • The C: drive can be seen
      • The H: and I: drives are not mapped
      • A log file IS created on the server
      • The log file does NOT say the machine is switched off - it contains one line "Machine","CbaStatus","ExitCode","Duration","Begin","End","Command"
        and nothing else.
      • All LANDesk services seem to be running on the server



      OSD was working on Friday (with the same script and hardware platform) so this may have been caused by installing SP4.

      The steps in doc-3473 don't apply as a log file has been created but it does not show the machine as off.


      I would be very grateful for any help with this.