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    Queries containing multiple collections

    jasoncadman Expert

      I think that I know the answer to this one but here goes..


      Can I create  query that contains information from different collections?


      I'm trying to put together a query that shows the last added record for Notes, Attachments and Assignments. It would kind look  a little like the same information from the Incident Tree but with a latest record filter.





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          Yes but as standard each collection will appear as a new tab on the query.  So incident details at the top level row and then a tab for notes, assignments etc.  If you want to flatten those out to one row, you wouldn't be able to do that.  But what you could do is write a calculation for each collection that picks up the key attributes of the last item added and then pops those into some fields created on the incident.  That will give you the contents of the last item added.  It would take a while to do but would be a bit like the OOTB calculation for 7.3 which shows the current assigned analyst on a field on the incident.