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    SelfService - Extremely slow when saving




      Our SS portal has now become unusable due to the time taken to save tickets.


      It is now taking over 30 seconds to save a ticket. This occurs when a new ticket is created and when existing tickets are saved.


      The rest of the SS portal is working fine.


      Our IIS server is running in VMware, and our DB server is a very powerful physical server with 4x CPU, 16Gb RAM. The DB server is a shared system, but other applications that use that server are not effected like ITBM is.


      I have recently removed the Collections form the System.Group Object as we were getting the "Maximum Request Exceeded" message. Performance had improved after this, but now it has become as useful as snow in the oven!


      If anyone has any tips for diagnosing (and resolving) the performance issues in SS portal, I would be extremely appreciative.


      I have enabled logging in TPS, but this is not telling me anything useful.




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          LegoGuy SupportEmployee

          My guess would be that you have a lot of collections on your incidents.  When you save the incident, it saves all of the data related to the incident and that can be a lot of data if you have a lot collections, and thus it takes longer to send it across the wire.  Check out this article about identifying collections and cleaning them up.


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            What OS are you running on your IIS server and what are it's specs?
            We were having some similar issues with our IIS server and had to rebuild it with Windows Server 2003 Standard x64.  I asked for the Enterprise edition (per support), but our Server Engineers built it on Standard for some reason.  We also increased the RAM to 8gb.
            We were originally running our IIS server on Server 2003 Standard with 4gb RAM. This configuration was constantly maxing out the memory usage of the w3wp.exe process, causing timeouts and delays.   The new OS and RAM configuration has helped performance both in the Portal and Console.
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              Hi Chris,


              Our IIS server is currently Windows Server 2003 Standard with 2x CPU and 2Gb RAM.


              I have been contemplating uping the RAM to 4Gb, but we have noticed that we are not maxing out the RAM yet.


              I've already removed all of the problem collections. There is still the occasional "Maximum Request Length" exceeded message, but I believe this is the Service Desk trying to add attachments larger than 4Mb.


              I have just removed the CopySettings (which never worked from day one) from the Incident module and this has helped a little.


              I'll check the resource usaged on our IIS server with our VMware guy to see if resource usage has gone up recently.



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                The problem was due to database index defragmenting and updating stats.