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    SD log-in authentication


      Hi All,


      Currently our CRM system (both console and the web portal) is set up for automatic authentication (ie. CRM will log in automatically after the user log into their computer). 

      I was wondering if there is any way to separate the automatic and manual log-in authentication between the Console and the web portal?

      • Consol = keep it as automatic authentication
      • Web portal = manual authentication


      The reason why this is an issue is because some user is unable to access and fill out the surveys that we sent to the users.

      These users logs into a generic PC with a single user name and password (ex. PC1). Thus the CRM system cannot authenticate the generic user name and password.


      These individual users have their own user name and password. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you have any advice as to how to proceed with this issue.


      Thanks in advance!


      Best Regards,



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          Hi Emil,


          It is possible to set the Service Portal to use explicit login while the Console is still integrated:


          It could be done by reversing the steps in the following guide (I would recommend doing this in test) :




          On the configure tps step a different tps will need to be used, which may need to be setup. There may already be one setup that could be used.


          So that the Portal points to one touchpaper services address which explicit and the Console points to another which is integrated.