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    Question about using Ghost for Deployment


      We are looking at finally starting to use the OS deployment features of landesk.


      We are in a position where ideally we would prefer to use ghost as the imaging tool, in order for our suppliers to still be able to supply us with machines pre-imaged to our specs when ordering in bulk, so we can supply them with a DVD of the image file they can then load onto the devices for us. I won't go into the logistics of why we sometimes have to do this but let's say time restraints when opening new premesis are often cut fine.


      We were using Ghost 2003 until recently when it started having trouble detecting newer SATA drives, and in order to quickly get a turnaround of this new model machine we ended up having to use clonezilla which our supplier reluctantly used but will now charge us more for if we have to use this method again in the future.


      I have read in the docs that Landesk can support ghost upto version 7.5? Which as far as I am aware is older than 2003???


      I'm concerned we'll come across the problems we had before where it will start to not recognise newer technologies in the machines. Has anyone had any problems with this?


      If it helps we will probably go down the Linux route for the pre boot environment in order to make savings on the licensing front so we can remain compatible with our supplier (although doing more research indicates we'd probably need to use with WinPE and use the ghost32.exe which probably answers most of my questions above????) We are using Landesk 9.


      Also does anyone know the required license needed for using ghost in this manner with landesk? Is 7.5 even still obtainable?

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          I'm not sure what documentation you were looking at, but it was either old, or the information is simply outdated.  I've personally tested and used Ghost up to 11.something while doing testing.  Also, you can use any imaging utility that you know the command line options for.


          In short, there should be no problem using the latest version of Ghost.

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            EMiranda Expert

            I have used Ghost 8.0, 11.0, 11.5 on LANDesk and they all work fine in deploying OS's. Heck I even deployed Ubuntu workstations via Ghost 11.5 using LANDesk.


            I think that is one of the best things about LANDesk, like Mach6 said,  you can utilitize any type of imaging tool you want.  If it has command line paramaters and can run in windows or linux the same as running it from a command prompt window or terminal, you can kick if off and let the tool do its own thing.


            And you also have the best comminity to lead you on the right path of fixing issues



            *Note ( I dont work for LANDesk so Im not trying to sell you anything, I'm an actual customer )

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              Hi EMiranda.


              The check is on its way. . .  Wait did I make this comment public?


              (For any lawyers out there, this is just a joke.)

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                EMiranda Expert

                hey now, it doesnt need to be cash...those LANDesk backbacks are sure nice haha


                and to the OP.  Our company is very similar to your scenario.  We supply images to our vendor and they are preloaded before being sent to the user.  It hasn't been a show stopper for us. SATA problems shouldn't be a show stopper for you either, those are mostly driver issues and there are lots of documents in this community that can help you.


                Good Luck with your decision and lets know if there is anything else you need help with

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                  Its the official landesk 9 documentation that mentions ghost 7!!!


                  Thanks for your advice.


                  I'll let my director know we need to get the license for WinPE as well and we should be on our merry way.

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                    EMiranda Expert

                    Hey adenewton, I am pretty sure that since the release of the WAIK. WinPE is now free. Microsoft does not charge a license like they did in the past.  And if you go LANDesk 9.0 then it uses WinPE 2.1 which is parto of the WAIK so it should be free to use.

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                      Yep, just found that out.


                      At least that will soften the blow of the ghost license!

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                        If you can tell me exactly which document you read that in I can try and have it corrected/updated.  There is a lot of official LANDesk documentation, so that's why I was asking for the specifics.

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                          The LDMS90Users.pdf file that is included with the Thinkmanagement version download of Landesk 9 (as we use Lenovo/IBM machines in our environment so take advantage of all the thinkvantage tools)


                          At the bottom of page 205. I might be mentioned somewhere else within that document as well, but can't find it on a quick glance.

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                            Excellent!  That helps a lot.



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                              Emiranda, or Mach if you have any guidance.


                              One last question, what license do you have for ghost?


                              Obviously all we need is access to the ghost32.exe file, but the corporate ghost solution suite seems overkill for how we'd be using the product.


                              The normal ghost 14 is obviously only a one machine license.


                              Wondered how you guys have gone about it? Appreciate if your not quite doing it the legit way but we are also FAST acreditied (of which I'm also in charge of, joy!) so I need to ensure we're doing this by the book.


                              Oh how I hate software license management!

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                                EMiranda Expert

                                Well we used to just buy a ghost license in bulk.  We heard contemplating reports on how ghost licensing works.  Honestely still don't know how it works today.  Some say you only need a license for however machines you are imaging at one time, others said you need licensing for every machine that is imaged.


                                It was very confusing and since we moved to LANDesk which was about 6-8 months ago.  We got rid of ghost.  There was no need for it.  LANDesk provides a great imaging tool and we just took the time to learn it and convert everyone to using that utility.



                                We did a lot more than that too, we used to have over 25 individual Ghost images and we now only have 2 images for the company.  1 winxp and 1 win7 image.  All Hardware Independent images (which is the way to go..)