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    exe Distribution is taking forever


      Hi Guys


      I have a small executable that i am trying to setup to deploy to some users.  The exe is called CCUWeb and is 3.11Mb (its an active x that imports appointments into groupwise)


      I have setup an executable distribution package, named the exe with no additional properties.  I have then created the scheduled task and setup with emergecy distribution properties (for the purpose of testing).


      The app deploys to my test computer, pulls down the exe and starts to run it as the system user, but looking in task manager it just seems to hang - it has been running for 20 minutes!

      There is nothing in the local installation log on the pc (other than it has downloaded the file and it is running) and the server log just shows that it is processing the package.


      Any help\advice most welcome!




      Dave H

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          Contrary to its name, "emergency" is not a very good method in 99% of the cases.  It uses Mutli-Cst, which is SLOOOOOOWWW



          Create your own delivery method, use either "run from source" or "use download to source..." under the Network section.



          Be Sure to go to the reboot section and change to "Never Reboot" unless you want reboots.



          FYI, "Run from Source" only works with UNC, while "Download from source" can use either HTTP or UNC

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            Thanks James.  The wierd thing is i have now changed direction and gone with user controlled deployment (i.e user requests, we make availible, user installs) and this works instantly! Its truley bizare.


            So for the purpose of this i have closed the discussion, but its baffled me why the "direct" install takes so long! LOL



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              Does it ever finish? One thing I have seen with .exe packages is the installer will launch, but I suspect the program is waiting for someone to click "next". Since it is running in the background, there is no way to finish the install prompts.


              Unless the .exe has the ability to do a scripted/silent install, it probably will not work. I'm willing to bet that when you have the user install it, they are prompted and able to click "next" and go through all the install prompts.


              Does that sound like it fits what you are seeing?

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                It was a package created with landesk package creator, so i have used the switches i have always used to run a silent install - and being that the package is just an image of software that has been installed there are no configurations to make.