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    Column set configuration issue / language issue


      Hi all,


      We migrated our LDMS infrastructure to a new LDMS 9.0 SP1 server a few days ago. We choosed to install a fresh new LDMS 9.0 SP1 server and reinstall all agents.


      All is working fine except some language issues.


      The biggest issue is that we are unable to modify or create a column set. We are unable to choose any inventory attribute. As you will see in the attached file; we saw "Ordinateur" but any child attributes...


      Another strange issue: in the console view; some column are in french (installation language); others are in english...


      For information; LDMS server is Windows 2008 UK; SQL 2008 server is Windows 2008 UK. Database is in french collation; SQL login used is in french language.


      Did you have an idea to solve this language issue?