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    T60 will not boot PXE Menu

    davidg5700 Specialist



      I am successfully able to boot many different machine types into the PXE environment for OS deployment except for any of our Lenovo T60's.


      They get an IP address through the PXE rep, load the ramdisk image, bring up the command prompt and fail at trying to resolve the core server name.  After it shows "disk 0 is now the selected disk" it lists IP addresses,, finally gets a correct ip and times out resolving the core server name with error:


      "Failed to get localhost IP address or resolve core server name.  Please check your network and try again.  The steps to inject drivers into the WinPE image file can be found at...."


      I checked Lenovo's site for NIC drivers to inject into the PE image, but they did not do the trick.  Am I missing something here?



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          gerald.stelzer Rookie

          Hello David,


          we have many lenovo T60 notebooks in our environment and intstall it with no problems via PXE boot.


          We injected only the e1k6032.sys and e1y6032.sys driver downloaded from intel in the PE-image and all lenovo notebooks (T60; T61; T500 ... ) work perfekt.

          Be carefull -> Only Vista driver work in PE 2.0!




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            davidg5700 Specialist

            Hi Gerald,


            When I injected the 6032 drivers, it failed for me.   But that started me down the right path, though.


            What I did was to check the inventory on several different models of laptops we have in production for the "driver name" used on the network adapters.  The ones I injected for ours were the e1e5132.sys, the e1k5132.sys and the e1y5132.sys.


            What I found out is that the the device id listed in device manager for the NIC has to match a device id that is listed in the .inf file that matches the .sys file.  The most recent drivers from Intel had the correct device id's listed.


            Thanks for the info.