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    Oracle Discoverer 3.1 - App-V


      Hey everyone,


      Has anyone been able to virtualize Oracle Discoverer 3.1, or any other version for that matter?  I know it's a very old version...but we've been using it on XP for quite some time now and with us migrating to Windows 7 (which of course it doesn't work on), App-V appears to be our only way to go.  I've been able to virtualize it (after much difficulty) on XP...but still no luck running it on 7.



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          I was able to resolve this.  During the 3.1 installation, the install tells you that certain windows files will be replaced.  If you click on help and take note of those files, those need to be copied to the system32 directory for the package.  Also note that the main exe needs to be executed at least once.

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            you got Oracle Discoverer 3.1 working on Windows 7?  if so, please let me know how you performed this magic..thanks

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              Sure thing.  Just to be clear, I had to use App-V to get it to work.  Below are the steps...


              1. Run a Pre-Scan

              2. Install Discoverer 3.1 with whatever options you choose.

              3. Launch Discoverer 3.1 one time.

              4. Run a Post Scan

              5. Copy the following files from the FORWIN32 folder in the Discoverer install files to the system32 (%SystemSystem%) directory in your build directory.

                   -  CFX2032.DLL

                   - MFC40.DLL

                   - MFC40U.DLL

                   - MFCANS32.DLL

                   - MSVCR40D.DLL

                   - MSVCRT2X.DLL

                   - MSVCRT40.DLL

                   - OC30.DLL

                   - ODBC32.DLL

                   - ODBCINT.DLL

                   - OLEPRO32.DLL

                   - SH30W32.DLL

                   - SH31W32.DLL

              6. Finally, build your project.


              One additional note.  I'm not sure if this is necessary, but i always make sure that DIS31USR.exe is checked as an entry point before you build the package.  It is NOT checked by default.  I usually also make it the main exe in my build as well.


              If you run into any issues, let me know!

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                Hi..I'me trying to sequence Oracle discoverer 3.1  with appv 4.6 on windows 2003. The package installs but when I try and launch the application after the install nothing happens ..I've tried copying the dlls to the system32 directory but same issue..any advice is appreciated

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                  Just to update..copied the dll's to the  DISCVR31 folder..and now works on 2003 and 2008 servers

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                    Hi Nick and Brandon


                    I want to run Discoverer 3.1 too, but on Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)...

                    Have you any experience implementing this?


                    @Nick: did you add the dll's in the App-V project or just via File Explorer on the server itself?



                    Thanks a lot in advance!!!