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    LDMS 9 - OSD - Collection Manager




      We are going to be making the move from LDMS 8.7 to 9.0  In playing around with the OSD Deploymeny function, I notice that the Collection Manager icon, which was present on version 8.7, is no longer available.


      In reading the User's guide, it does mention that the Collection Manager is accessible, via the following:


      Creating imaging scripts

      With the OS deployment tool you can create scripts that perform the following tasks:

      • Capture profile: Creates a script that captures and stores a device's unique user
      settings, application and desktop settings, and files. You can also use this option to
      access the Collection Manager dialog to create a user-initiated profile migration package
      that can be run locally at individual devices.

      However, I don't get this ability to access the Collection Manager.  In 8.7, we use it to create the user-initiated migration package.  Is this still availalbe with version 9?





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          EMiranda Expert

          we were looking for something like that as well, but I think since moving to 9.0 they also upgraded the Lenovo SMA too. The version i have now is 6.x and i looked up the documentation for that product from Lenovo and saw this line that pops out


          "The following commands from SMA 4.2 have become obsolete:

          capture_ntfs_attribute in [MISC] section

          removable_media in [MISC] section
          createselfextractingexe in [MISC] section


          I think that was what was being used to create the user-intiated migration package.  Not completly sure, but I know you cannot do that in version 9.0 / sma 6.0