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    Query using the Change Management Module


      I have craated a query using the Change Management module and have set the following criteria -

      Status.Name Is Not One of (Resolve, Closed, Completed)

      CurrentAssignment.User Is Current Group


      I am looking to have the results display all Changes together with tasks pertaining to the team that I am a member of.  However, it does not appear to display tasks within the Change process.


      Can anyone make a suggestion?  Thanks.  Maria.

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          aparker Employee

          Hi Maria,


          Due to the design of the system, to include both the main process and its tasks, you will need to create your query based on the Process object in the Process Management domain. You still add the attributes that you have mentioned and also the criteria, however, you need to add a new criteria which looks at the name of the process and filters to only show the main and task wthin the Change domain. So your criteria would be something like Lifecycle.Title Is One Of (Change, Task Change).