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    LDSCAN taking up all storage


      LANDesk Management Suite 9.0 SP1 (or SP2, not sure)


      What my understanding about LDScan folder under LANDESK\ManagementSuite is that the folder contains the delta scans if the service is configured to do so. Under Configure, Services, Inventory, there is option under Advanced that allows you to change the setting of Store Scans from 1 to 0. LANDesk on my server is already configured to Store Scans = 0.


      Now, the LDScan folder I have, keeps getting files, multiple files over and over and they never go away. Where can i check why this is coming up and if my understanding is incorrect, let me konw what i need to do to save these scans properly. Thank you,



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          zman Master

          ldscan folder contains all scan files sent from the clients, and are subsequently processed by the cores inventory service. In theory there should be no files in this folder accumulating over a period of time. I would check:

          • Make sure the Inventory Service on the Core is running. I would even restart it just for S&Gs.
            • Check your database connection, etc....
          • Set DB Error Recovery Tries to a larger number (e.g., 10,000)
          • Also make sure DO DB is set to 1


          Also store scans would not place the scans in the ldscan folder. It would place them in a folder called storage under the ldscan folder.

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            Thank you Zman... but following is how it solved itself (or I should say solving itself)


            While the server was crapping out on space, some services were not functioning the way they were... like Avocent service that brings up the Authentication Sources were not functioning correctly. Even after deleting the files (Which is always bad), the folder filled up with 2500 of these scans within minute... and still populating.


            So, to fix the logon issue, i rebooted the server and after fingering it, it now seems to make the number of files go down ... not fast, but its going down. I guess one of the LANDesk service was hung even though all stated Started.


            Anyway, Thank you for your help...

            BTW.. all the components are already configured to the number you suggested. I think it is by default.