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    Import Export In LANDesk 9


      I've tested importing and exporting of scheduled tasks in the LANDesk 9 with great success until today. What is included with the ldms file is the scheduled task, query, deployment method and distribution package. It appears that if the distribution package reflects the deployment of a patch from Patch Manager, the associated patch is not included. I can export the associated patch and import it, but it is not included as part of the scheduled task import.


      I am not referring to the actual exe or install file, but the definition itself.


      Attached are the exports for both the scheduled task and definition (patch group).


      I need to know if this is a bug or if it should be included.

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          Hi , I want to know any tool or process with which i can import my systems which dont have landesk client installed , so that i can create a scheduled task on that clients to install landesk client.


          I tried with one of a tool that creates xml but didnt get sucess can you guide me any steps.


          Thanks in advance


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            About the only ways I know of to successfully do this is either with Unmanaged Device Discovery or using the right click on All Devices and select "Insert new computer". You can try importing in to Bare Metal Servers, but I am not so sure how well that will work out in the end.