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    I want to access all my core servers from a single location...




      I have 2 core servers and a rollup core server.  I wanted to know for sure if it is possible to access all the cores from one location.  Yes it is possible and documented by Landesk and I used that document.


      However the core server that is current to the server is accessable and not the other cores.  I get error on the web page as "Invalid Session".  I have added all the core servers to core.asp of C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Landesk\ldms\xml\core.asp.  All the core servers are listed on the webconsole and can be selected from the dropdown available on webconsole.


      Say I have Core Server A , Core Server B  and Rollup Core Server C.


      I have edited the core.asp file on the server for core server A.

      I have checked the COM+ objects for domain user that has local admin acess and it is there.

      I have updated the APP Pool all App starting with LD for domain user same as COM+ objects (Landesk and Landesk1).

      I have also restarted the IIS after adding the suggested domain user.



      Still Core B and C are not contactable.


      Core server name entries are present in the regedit. (HKLM\software\landesk\managementsuite\core\connection\localkey for Core B on Server B.


      Any help is appreciated.