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    Performance issues and Queries


      We are experiencing performance issues with LANDesk 7.3.2 and I’m investigating a few possibilities.  One thing I stumbled upon was in the queries section under the General Settings, Results Detail, Interval in minutes for automatic refresh of results.  I have made some of these 10 minutes which, to me, would mean that it will refresh every ten minutes, obviously.  Here’s my question….If I remove the 10 minute refresh and make it 0, would that have an effect on the system performance and how would that impact performance of the queries?  Will they run right?  I would expect that they would be 10 minutes behind the first set of results after that set was run.

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          Sam - I'd take a look through the docs CD and read through the performance.pdf file as it gives a lot of good guidance in this area.  If you set the refresh interval to 0, then the query results will not refresh unless the analysts manually choose to do so.  In many ways I think this is a good default for all queries, except for some key ones like my workload.

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