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    Add Note to specific group in Change


      Hi All


      I've added a note (with reminder) to our Change process so that the Change Requester can email a preset group of staff that need to be informed of any new change request. I have created a group (IP Change Aware) and added these staff into it and set all to Receive Group messages.


      I created a reference list with a variety of note options within and added related to the notes BO. Added Notes Window & Reminder into the process (see below).


      change note.png

      Within the reminder, I have set the group to "IP Change Aware"

      change rem.png

      There is a condition set that if the note type of "Be Aware of Change" is selected an Email will be sent to a specific group (IP Change Aware), else the email goes to the requester.


      Unfortunately It does not get sent to the group? If I tick the Notify requester, the message goes to the requester, so the mechanics are working, but not with the decision (see blow), it maybe the fact I've entered the group name, but we want it to be automated rather than have to select the group from a list.



      Here is the note & reminder within the process.


      Note in proc.png

      I'm probably doing something wrong which is glaringly obvious but I can't spot it! The assignment stays with the requester and only gets assigned to the Change Manager when certain preset actions are completed. Basically I need a way of letting a certain set of staff know a new change request has been created and though via a note would be the best way.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance



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          Hi Tony,


          With Reminders, if you fill out the User, Group or Role dropdown lists then you have to tick the "Notify Assignee" box in order for these settings to be picked up.  The boolean is mis-labelled in the out of the box database, it should be "Notify selected Users" or similar. 


          I hope that helps,