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    UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME Error after minisetup


      I'm messing around with getting provisioning setup for Windows XP.  I got my template working somewhat.  The system boots into Mini-setup, goes through that fine, but on the first boot, I get a bluescreen error, "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" error.  Stop 0x000000ED.  I've run into this error before.  It was called the BDD Uberbug.  It's caused by the way that WinPE 2.0 partitions drives.  The fix is to do a reg merge with WinPE prior to partitioning the drive.  I guess I'm just a little confused that my forum searching returned zero hits for people with this problem.  Did I do something wrong?  Is there an obvious step that I missed?  I'm sure it wouldn't affect any version of LANDesk prior to 9, as they used WinPE1.1.  This would be a WinPE2 bug.  Anyone else have this issue?  Is there a simpler fix for LANDesk?