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    Inventory History - Recent user list, login logout.


      I know LDMS stores the most recent top X logged in users to estimate the primary owner.  It's been a while since I've had to fiddle with this..  Anyhow, on to the question: I need to keep track of all login and log out times.  (at least login).


      I currently have Invenotry History set with a check in the box to track login name.  I had only the Event viewer one checked at first and I found it to be inaccurate.  Now, I've checked Inventory as well.  I read the help file but I am unable to figure out where this is logged? What is the best way to track user login and (hopefully) logout times?.  Why cant I find any information in inventory since I checked the box? Also it would be nice to even track locking the PC.


      I know this is tracked in Power Management. Ultimately, I am looking to see what times users logged in to their PC, Locked their PC, and/or logged out of their PC? Any suggestions?


      Oh, and since I know LDMS monitors and evaluates the last X logins to establish the primary user, is there anywhere I can VIEW these last x logon names? (and dates)


      Thanks all. Rich S.