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    LANDesk Stalling when Injecting Provisioning Script


      Good Morning all -


      I have been using Provisioning now for a couple of months and keep making little tweaks to it to make it work better.  The last tweak that I made was adding another software program into the system configuration process(UltraVNC is the program that was added).  Now, everytime that I attempt to provision a computer, when I get to the final part of my Post-OS installation (Inject Provisioning Agent), my process stalls.  When I look at the Scheduled Task, it shows me that the status is Working and the result is Policy has been made available.

      Here is what I know right now


      There are no error codes.

      the computer that is being provisioned will reboot and sit at the logon screen.

      I am able to browse to the provisioned system from a remote computer on the network, so it is on the network and the drivers are all installed

      The system being provisioned still has the ldprovisioning folder in the root of C:

      The image that is being sent to the provisioning task is syspreped

      I receive just a basic inventory list when I look at the system in LANDesk



      I have added 4 screenshots of the process


      we are using Windows XP OS

      LANDesk 8.8 SP3


      Any help would be greatly appricated