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    Questions about Time Out errors in LDSD


      We have been getting multiple timeout errors throughout the day for the past two weeks. The background processing service also dies on us multiple times a day.


      Is there anyway to fix these timeout errors?


      What's happening is when somebody is doing an action and it times out.. there is no way for us to complete the action.


      For example: I reassign a change task and it times out  (usually all users will start getting the "operation timed out" error) .. but when everything clears up .. that specific task that I got an error on can no longer be reassigned regardless if everything else is running fine. All it does is give me a timeout error and crashes the app.


      I was able to clear one by logging into the console on the app server with the SA account.


      I haven't had luck with any others. They are basically stuck and anytime I try to complete or reassign for the user it crashes on me.


      This is only happening to Change Tasks currently.


      Running 7.3.2


      EDIT: I was able to get it reassigned through webdesk. Unfortunately our CR windows look horrible in webdesk so it's just a workaround. Would still like to know if there is anything else I can do to alleviate the issue.Thanks!