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    Automatic Action Instance based on Category of call


      Afternoon everyone,


      my name is Dave, I'm very new to using LANDesk and we aren't actually fully live with our build. I'm trying to ammend our incident process to add some automatic action instances. Unfortunately, it's been a few months since I've been on my training and it's all abit hazy what I should be doing.


      Basically the scenario is, in our incident screen, an analyst will pick the category of the call (eg, hardware>printer or network>site down). Based on one of those categorys being picked, I want a window to pop up so the analyst is prompted to fill in some extra details regards the category of call.


      I've thought the best way of doing this would be a series of decisions and then automatic action instances, but I'm not sure if this is right. I could have up to 15 categories so don't know if I should be using decisions or pre-conditions. Either way, I'm also finding it difficult getting the window to assign to the automatic action.


      A new system administrator with very tight deadlines would appreciate lots of help


      Sorry if these are basic questions, but I'm very much learning the system as I go.


      thanks again,


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          Hi Dave,


          There is no automatic pop-up in ServiceDesk.


          You have to use the 'Copy related attributes' functionality.

          It ables you to copy an attributes value to another (from Category/Description to Incident/Description for example).


          You can look at the LDSDDesigner documentation (Windows Manager / Copy related attributes).

          If you need help, please ask me.



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            I too am trying to have a window associated action on a process show a window automatically.  I tried to do this by putting the window associated action on the process as an automatic action but it doesn't work the way I'd like it to.  The only way I can think of having it work is by putting a pre-condition that checks that the category is a specific category and then having a manual action available to add the extra info you need if the pre-condition is met.


            This im sure is far from what you want but Im basically trying to do something very similar and trying to figure out a way myself.

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              Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

              Hi all,


              You can have Service Desk automatically open a window for a manual action if you set in its properties the 'Is autoprompt action instance' to true.  This will turn the line between the previous status and it red. As soon as the status is entered the window for this action will immediately pop-up, though it can be closed if the User doesn't want to fill it in and save.