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    Booting provisioning ISO from PXE


      Hi everyone,


      We are attempting to slowly integrate our shiny new LDMS 9.0 SP2 into our existing PXE setup.  So far, for testing purposes, we have been using boot CDs and USB drives to connect to provisioning and using that to image the machines, but I would like to start using PXE boot instead.  We currently have a PXE setup here that is running our old Unattended XP installer, and also some custom desktop scripts that can't go away.  We thought least painful way to add LDMS provisioning was to add another boot option to our existing PXE menu and boot to the CD ISO that we are currently using.  Unfortunately, we have hit a snag in the form of this error:


      "INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 18"


      This happens right after the ISO finishes loading to the RAMDisk.


      For reference here are the instructions that we used to get it to this point.




      Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated since we have been banging our heads against the wall on this for several days.

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          I may have a temporary work-around for you as you wait for a real answer to your question:


          we have turned almost all the way over to LDMS and our exiting PXE server is on its way out...so this means that we have an existing PXE infrastructure that provides us with some stuff that we still need, but we're also using the PXE options available through the PXE REPRESENTATIVE provided by landesk.


          The way that we are able to use both the new and the old looks something like this:


          A) we have four subnets on our network

          B) we have a top level subnet where our old PXE services run and the other 3 subnets can utilize those services

          C) on each of the 3 subnets we have a PXE REP that was provided by the script that is included with LDMS 9.0

          D) when the PXE reps run, they pretty much take over PXE requests on their respective subnet, though if the PXE REPs are disabled then the old PXE services become available.
          C) we can remotely turn on/off the PXE REP services at will with a batch file, they run most of the time to provide functionality with LDMS stuff, but when we need the old we just run the script to disable the PXE REP.



          the script looks like this:

          sc \\ahsm58p-lib01 stop "LANDesk(R) PXE Service"


          This script is a batch file and it STOPS the services; replace the STOP with START and you have the restart version.



          I might suggest that you try this option as a temporary work around if you think it will work in your network environment.  I think it would work if your PXE REP responds faster than your old PXE server...


          We have had to change our PXE boot image for Landesk so many times that I wouldn't bother with trying to integrate it into our old PXE services until we 100% sure that it wasn't going to change again.  A recent patch that we applied required that we rebuild our BOOT.WIM file and the easiest way for us to redeploy it was to just reuse the PXE REP DEPLOYMENT script.



          -anyway, good luck on all fronts.