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    Resolved by Group query or report


      Hi, I'm trying to create a query preferably to show how many incidents were resolved by group.


      I've made several attempts to try and create this using the query tool within Landesk 7.3.2 but have not had any joy, i'm now thinking this is going to have to be created in crystal reports.  Basically i need to somehow show completed assignments (second from last), as this will show resolved assignments along with the analyst who completed/resolved the incident and the group they reside in.  As that consists of all the data i require as in group and analyst it was completed by.


      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  

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          how does this sound - write your query as usual but start with Incident/Resolution and not incident/Incident.  That way you get just a list of resolutions and the created by/group/date tells you who did the resolution.  If an incident is unresolved and resolved again, you will get two entries for that incident, but from the stats you want to collect, that would actually be correct.  Do a query per group and then you can put these queries onto a dashboard as counters to show the stats graphically, or a query with the support group as a sort/grouping attributeand display as a pie/bar chart

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            Thanks for the advice, that really has helped, much appreciated :-)