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    How do I create a Query that shows End Users and Analysts without Groups or Roles


      Hi All


      I've created a SQL Server back-end query that returns all user types and whether they have been allocated to a Group or Role.


      The Group allocation (or not) is determined by the field tps_primary_group_guid in table tps_user

      The Role allocation (or not) is determined by the field tps_role_id in table tps_user_role


      The Query syntax is as follows:

      SELECT     TOP(100) PERCENT dbo.tps_user.tps_title AS Expr1, dbo.tps_user.tps_primary_group_guid, dbo.tps_user_type.tps_name,


      FROM          dbo.tps_user INNER JOIN

                               dbo.tps_user_type ON dbo.tps_user.tps_user_type_guid = dbo.tps_user_type.tps_guid LEFT OUTER JOIN

                               dbo.tps_user_role ON dbo.tps_user.tps_guid = dbo.tps_user_role.tps_user_id


      When I attempt to create this as a query in LANDesk Query Designer I cannot seem to locate any of the guid's.


      Anyone have any ideas on how to create this in LANDesk Query Designer?