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    Check-In Frequency


      I'm the LANDesk Administrator for a company with 2500 nodes.  I've been running things for about a year now.  I've noticed that while most of our clients are checking in every day, it is very common for systems to go a couple days without reporting in.  I've got things setup on the following schedule:




      Every 9 Hours

      Time of Day 9 to 18

      Random Delay up to 3 hours

      and at least 5 minutes.

      No run filters.


      Obviously, the more systems check in the better.  The less manual scanning the better.  I'm wondering what frequency other people have things scanning in at?  As I said, we have 2500 nodes, and we are looking to add about 800 more soon.  Our server is a dedicated server.  It's a Xeon E5430 (2.66GHZ) with 12 GB Ram.  The SQL server is hosted on our SQL cluster.  Half of our machines are in our central office.  The rest are scattered among 18 remote sites (with 512-1500kbps connections), and 200 laptops from home offices that connect randomly with cell cards.  I've already been thinking I should up the hardware and policy scans to every 3 hours or so.  I figure that they'll only get one software scan a day, so the other scans should be quick.  I'll leave the vuln scan at once a day, as I policy/schedule out additional scans as needed.  Does anyone thing that upping the frequency higher than once a day will have adverse effects?  My server seems to be running fine.  Nothing too slugish.  We are running 9.0 SP2.

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          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

          I have a feeling that you may be experiencing these issues because your delay has a rather wide range. You are essentially telling the machine he can take an additional 2:55 minutes delay. Say your scan is set to kick off at 5:00pm and the delay is that long then it wont happen until the next day so you can realistically be out a scan for 2 days. I think that if you narrow down the delay that may help. I run mines at 1 hour max delay and 0 minutes.

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            That would have been true for my first agent configuration.  I used to have the repeat to 1 day.  This caused scan creep.  I changed it to a 9 hour window with a repeat of 9 hours.  That means that scans should all happen between 9am and 12am on a regular basis.  If the computer scanned at 5:55, it would wait 9 hours and then scan again.  That would put it at 3am, which means it would wait until 9am before scanning.    Would it be possible to miss a day with my settings (assuming a computer is off or disconnected during the specified time frames), yes.  The trick is, I have systems that haven't scanned in 2 weeks, yet I know have been on for most of that time.  I can force a manual scan on them just fine.  I'm just a little confused.  It's hard to imagine a system missing my criteria consecutively for 2-3 weeks.

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              LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

              Oh ok I was under the impression that they were not scanning for a couple of days. Yeah 2-3 weeks without a scan is not right with those settings and them actually being on the network within that time frame.

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                Apparently my inventory service is horked at the moment.  When I went to check the CPU usage I noticed the LDInv32.exe was pegged at 25% CPU usage.  Turns out it keeps restarting every hour or so.  I'm working with support to figure out what's up.  Bah.