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    preferred server using a NAS and LDMS 9.0

    KrisBultinck Apprentice

      I am new to LANDesk and implementing the product for the moment.


      We have about 16 large sites and the bandwidth of these sites to the main site with the LANDesk server is already very actively used

      Software deployments over the WAN are not an option for daily deployments, bandwidth throttling works very well but the download process cannot take too long or the end user gets a long waiting time.


      I think “preferred servers” for all large sites looks like the best solution for me, which brings me to my question.


      The domain admin does not like me installing IIS on the already existing server(s) in those sites.
      That would mean I have to set up a “deployment server with IIS” for each affiliate. This cost too much and requires maintenance (updates, etc..).
      I don’t want.


      Currently testing with a NAS boxes (Netgear Readynas Duo) that support HTTP and this works in my testing lab. (Cheap storage and no maintenance)


      Anyone out there with the same problem and a different solution or anyone that uses NAS boxes as preferred servers and has additional information for me?


      Thanks for any feedback.

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          Hello there,


          I was just wondering how you got on with your NAS implementation of Preferred Servers. I know your post is nearly a year old, but it was one of the few that deals with this topic.



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            KrisBultinck Apprentice


            I don’t like it when a IS system is depending on an end users availability.
            Therefore it is for me not acceptable to put a preferred server on an end users workstation.

            It MUST be on a dedicated system from IS, meaning a server/client that is managed by IS and has a maximum availability.



            Positive points in working with a NAS boxs:

            • No ISS installation/configuration
            • Budget:
              • NO expensive server hardware, no expensive disk space, no expensive windows license.
              • No maintenance of these systems. ( Windows updates, antivirus, etc… )
              • Easy preparation of the data on a NAS boxes at the main site, small package with UPS or give it to a traveling user to the remote site.
                This makes it possible to have preferred servers on site without IS intervention.



            • From LANDESK 9.0 SP2 the preferred server part of LANDesk contains functionality to synchronize the data.
              This does not work with a Linux NAS, I have no LANDesk client installed on the NAS boxes.

              I use a different synchronization tool to keep the data up to date.


            Working with relatively cheap NAS boxes ( +- 450 EUR for 2 terra ) made it possible to set a LANDesk preferred server in even very small sites, providing the best LANDesk service with a low cost.
            For my firm it works like we planned it to.

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              ahe Expert



              very interesting. With which tool you synchronize your sites?


              We made something similar with external HD's on site servers and sync with httpcopy and search for a common solution on LD9...




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                KrisBultinck Apprentice

                I use syncbackpro 5

                The PRO version, not the freeware.


                It cost almost nothing, and provided me the functionality i need from synchronization software (scheduling, detailed log files, parameters, special synchronization user, etc..)


                With HTTPCopy I believe the tool needs to run on the remote machine?

                I don’t like that, I like to push updates.

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                  ahe Expert

                  Thanks for the info.


                  Yes, httpcopy runs on the remote machine and get the files from a central store via HTTP (IIS).

                  But there exist problems if too many files exist in repository.


                  I fear the sync solution of LANDesk 9 won't help us with our sync problems, but we'll test it. Additionally I'll give SyncBackPro a try.


                  As alternative we think about a rsync job, started with a LANDesk Scheduled Task on a remote site...