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    Powershell Cmdlets do not work from workflow.


      Anyone out there know an answer to this?  I have been discussing this with LANDesk, with no results.  I thought perhaps someone out there had run into the same issue and resolved it somehow.


      Original Post:

      When I reference a powershell script that sets maintenance mode on our SCOM server, I fail to connect to the RMS. Here's the fun part. Only when I call the script from a workflow. I changed the service to run under svc_landesk account rather than system and verified that scripts are running under that account. If I open a command prompt using those credentials, I can successfully execute the script in question. However, it always fails when executed from the workflow. I have many scripts that run successfully, but this one fails. I would appreciate any guidance.


      After time I discovered:

      When I reference a couple PowerCLI cmdlets they do not run, again only from within a workflow.  These cmdlets are:


      Make-Directory (When referencing a datastore)


      The same script run from a powershell prompt will run just fine.




      Anyone have any ideas?