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    Defining a Self Service Login Page

    Chris_W Expert

      Evening all,


      Just spent a good couple of hours double triple checking this before posting.


      Has anyone managed to setup a self service login page as per the attached from the designer guide? Very keen to have as pictured a login box on the left with a nice dashboard showing noticeboard, service status etc. First part is proving difficult, second part is fine though


      After following instructions in designer manual, don't seem to be having much luck.


      Any help much appreciated!



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          Didn't work for me either.

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            aparker Employee

            Hi Chris,


            One question... Have you set up the SelfService guest account and assigned that through the settings in Web Access? If you haven't done that, then you will always get the centered generic login bob.



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              Chris_W Expert



              Carl - Sorry to hear you're experiencing the same issue.


              Andy - Very short answer yes. I'm absolutely convinced that our upgrade from 7.3.2 was not completed fully and we are having to have a consultant to check / finish all things Self Service.


              Being honest if we'd known what we now know about 7.4 we probably wouldn't have upgraded and held off for a bit. Lots of bugs and annoyances at this stage and reading some of the other topics about patches/updates without even knowing of their existence was for want of a better word frustrating.


              I'm a big fan of the product I really am and the potential is clearly there, it just feels like the there was a last minute sprint to get this release ready in time.


              To bring things back on topic though I'll update this post next week to let you know how we are getting on after our consultants rip into our setup.


              Lastly, any chance of getting some more support docs on Self Service anytime soon? For a big product seems to be very little documentation (I know it's based on webaccess but within any documentation not a lot of workspace is dedicated to Self Service).


              Rant over

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                karenpeacock SupportEmployee

                Hi Chris


                Just wanted to check that you've seen the Self Service manual?  If you have some specific about Self Service that you'd like covered please let me know and we can raise something with the documentation team. 




                Or was it specifically support documents that you wanted?  Often support content gets created based on the FAQs that we get on the product and so with a newer release there is likely to be less content until we know more about what customers want to know.


                Best wishes


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                  Chris_W Expert

                  Hi Karen,


                  Thanks for that. Yes I have this and most of the other documentation.


                  Personally, I feel that although Self Service builds on the webaccess technology it stills behaves from an analyst perspective rather than end-user experience.


                  Our Particular Examples:

                  • I don't want an end-user to be able to click on a noticeboard item and it opens the noticeboard item window yet it does. Now it's possible I may be able to get round this by looking at windows rules in the client and the permissions etc etc but I shouldn't have to (haven't checked if this is even possible).
                  • Seems to be local caching issues for analysts who are designers and flicking between Self Service and Webdesk (may be something wrong incomplete with our setup as per previous post).
                  • Random field lengths on windows - no way to manipulate this for Self Service or Webdesk and it doesn't appear that there are style sheets to work with to have an in house work around for this.


                  It would be great to hear from people successfully using Self Service to hear their views but I do appreciate Self Service is a new product so there may not be many out there using its current full potential.


                  It's better than the old portal we had so please take my moans & groans with a pinch of salt Karen

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                    Chris_W Expert

                    Just an update on where we are with this.


                    We had our test system upgraded today and our consultant checked over everything and we are moving in the right direction now. We now, successfully, have a Self Service Login Page working on our test system and will shortly be making the changes to live.


                    For those interested the SelfServiceGuest role had nowhere near the permissions required and a quick import via design transfer has now addressed this. Lastly, make sure the SelfServiceGuest end user has no password set.





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                      karenpeacock SupportEmployee

                      Hi Chris


                      Sorry about the late reply to your post but I wanted to reply once I had some more information for you.  I'm pleased to hear that your Self Service configuration got back on track. Of the 3 bullet points that you made on 17th March, the 1st and 3rd are being considered by the Development team.  The 2nd one isn't something that I have heard of before so if this is still an issue for you please raise a support case so it can be investigated further with you.


                      As you may have noticed, we are starting to get some more documentation on the community about Web Access and Self Service.  I've also just published a new article on migrating from Service Portal to Web Access here.  I realise this may come a bit late for you but I hope it may be of use to others who are planning to do this soon.


                      Best wishes


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                        What are the permissions that Self Service Guest role needs?

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                          I join awpeterson request:


                          Can you provide any further details on this?

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                            Unfortunately I don't think there is a single set of permissions that works for everyone.  With everyone having different needs and different goals and processes, each set is unique.  For us it was more trial and error.  The errors you get are generally an indication of where more rights are needed.  Unfortunately the error doesn't say give read access to this single item, hit "yes" to do that now.  Instead you get a somewhat cryptic message that you may or may not find in the permissions.  The permissions take some getting used to.  In general their in alpha order by section but knowing what section to go to or exactly where to go to is not exactly easy to figure out.  For me it was a lot of trial and error mixed with lots of support. 


                            This is one of those things that experience helps a lot with.  The more you do this the better "feel" you get for their system and the less guessing you do.  I start with Read access, then update, and then execute so I only give the permission that is needed.  End users need a lot of read access more than update or execute where analysts need all three in general.  For the highest level function like re-opening that a standard analyst would not use, I use a separate role.

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                              Thanks csimpson.


                              For the moment I have done this:

                              1. in the web desk system preferences, set SelfServiceGuest as Anonymous User and Public Noticeboard as the Default dashboard.

                              2. Assign the SelfServiceGuest role to the SelfServiceGuest user.


                              That is what I can deduct from the Designers guide.


                              What I get is a HTTP 403 Forbidden error message. I feel this one is not even cryptic.


                              If I choose any other dashboard I get the standard login prompt, without any dashboard.


                              Does that raise any idea?





                              Last minute edit:


                              I get HTTP 403 forbidden for any configuration of anonymous user / dashboard.


                              Even if I remove those paremeters I get that in the SS.


                              If I browse http://localhost/ServiceDesk.WebAccess/ss/ i get the error.

                              If I browse http://localhost/ServiceDesk.WebAccess/ss/Logon/Logon.rails it works (the basic logon, I mean)


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