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    Process Assignment Problem


      Hi all, I have made a slight amendment to our Change Management process and can't seem to get it to do what I want now...


      I have added an additional status and action before an assignment, but although the process stops in the correct status, with the new action available, it seems to be ignoring this new action and assigning as it did previously, rather than remaining assigned to the previous assigned group.


      See attached screenshot, all help welcome.




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          aparker Employee

          Hi Nic,


          So the status you have added is the Approved one? If that is the case and this is the one that the process is stopping at, the only assigment that should be taking place is the one that has happened above the DSR Approval status. The one that occurs before the Build status shold not be processed until after you have executed the Schedule action.


          Have I understood this correctly?


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            As is so very often the case, came in this morning, raised a new change and the problem has now disappeared.....