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    Self Service Error Message


      Hello all,


      We're currently testing 7.4 and we've come across an error on self service when opening a new request and selecting a raise user.

      When the user's name is entered the following error is displayed at the top of the window - which seems to prevent any further progress:


      Type mismatch when attempting to set attribute value _CatalogueHierarchy


      I'm not sure if it's anything to do with the service catalogue or not - although this appears simply when locating a raise user from the drop-down field (on our generic OOTB request process) before any other fields have even been filled in.


      This could well be due to something we haven't configured yet (for all I know) but any advice and suggestions appreciated.


      Many thanks!

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          Problem solved.


          Turns out it was a slight error in the copy rule which matches the service in the service catalogue to its catalogue hierarchy; the source had two lines listed in it when it should only have been one: _ConfigItemRequested/CatalogueHierarchy


          Probably something I set wrong during setup to be honest but, all working now!