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    Network login displays when trying to Service Catalogue in Self Service with Integrated

    keithr Specialist

      Since switching on Integrated login, accessing service catalogue presents a network login box when accessing via self service or web desk.  This does not occur if I use explicit login for the same user and also works fine if I try to access it via integrated on the web or app server.


      I have checked the following:


      • TPSCONFIG  for integrated has the path to the knowledge folders
      • The knowledge folder is shared for all users (It is on the application server)
      • Gave the IIS_IUSR, IUSR, NETWORK SERVICE and authenticated User accounts full control over the Knowledge Folder on the app server.


      TPS Diagnositcs displays the following:


      End Request at 2011-03-20 19:01:59.144
      Time elapsed: 00:00:00.0156251
      Access to the path '\\virwsapp813\Knowledge Index\index\service_catalogue_index' is denied.


      Any suggestions appreciated