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    Questions about MCP?

    mercuzio Apprentice

      Hi, the new monthly patch get me a bit worried; ihave some questions on it:


      1)Why they are not published on Console Patch manager? now you should go monthly to the site and check for each MCP data, verifyingwhich component are changed frome previous and which are different from yours (manual check list for ten components); download 1-10 MCP zipped folder, and manage for updating Core,Console,Client (import custom definitions);  would not be easier to make them available in console Patch manager?


      2)The launch page is always the same, (i suppose) will LANDesk  put an uplink button in console?


      3)Service Pack will not be released at all or  we can wait for it, avoiding to manage all that MCP patching? is there something on road-map


      4)Where we can download old MCP version? for example if SD_MCP_3-24 is not so stable and i migrating a Customer to LDMS 9 SP2 i would like to update Core and Agent to the last stable MCP (in this case SD_MCP_2-17) so that i can deploy thousands of agents without the risk of forcing a roll-back action..


      Thanx all

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          Bd0g SupportEmployee

          Roberto, we are planning on another service pack for 9.0. There is not a release date set yet.

          We dont currently release MCPs into content because they are tested on a shorter test cycle, they are not fully regression tested.

          Any past or future patches you need can be requested through our support department.




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            mercuzio Apprentice

            Thanx Brandon, my doubt comes for those patch that are not solely for bug-fixing but they contain some featurse or add-on as we found on some MCP, i thought that a new feature should be released officialy in the console; at least for a sort democracy and allignment (thinking to person from support which should investigate among all possible console version) :-)

            I also thought that there is not much difference (or it's very thin) publishing officialy on the LANDesk site for all people or making available on the PM tool, before they were available only for ESP it had a meanings but now it has not more. Customer and Esp know patches are beta and can choose to install or not indipendently from where they find them.


            Anyway SP3 is always welcome ;-)