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    Option to receive emails or not

    Robert.Gardner Apprentice

      We would like to give end users the option to select whether they would like to receive emails or not from LANDesk.


      This could be done by removing their email addess via the Administration - User Management screen , but this would prevent their emails to our Service Desk from getting logged. So this is not the preferred option.


      Is there a way to do this and give end users the ability to opt in or out of receiving emails via the LANDesk Self Service portal.?

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          aparker Employee

          Hi Robert,


          A solution that you could look at is providing end users with a summary of the information that is being held about them in the Service Desk on a page in Self Service. You can then add a small process that allows them to update minimal data (obviously considering the data feed that may be coming from AD). The process may just be the 'Opt Out Of Email' process. The process would rely on a boolean held against the User record indicating whether they want to recieve email or not. It would then carry out an automatic update action of that users record to change that value. With this solution, you would also need to modify the processes which send email to test for that value and behave accordingly.



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            Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

            Isn't it just a case of changing their notification method on their user profile?

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              Robert.Gardner Apprentice

              Thanks for answering my question.


              In the End User Admin View, I can change the Notification Method to "None" and this will stop the email notifications to this person.


              To make this available to the end user via Self Service, I'd need to create a process that the user can click on which would change this setting. This is something that's beyond my current capablity, so I'll pass on it for now.

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                aparker Employee

                Hi Robert,


                I'm sure the combined brain power of the community can help you out here. I'll see what I can do, but I'm issuing a challenge to all out there to beat me to it.



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                  karenpeacock SupportEmployee



                  One idea, rather than a process you could perhaps give them a query which only returns their own record.  Similar to the process on this:  http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-3802


                  Then you would need to ensure that they had a window created which would only show them the notification method only and publish it to them via window rules.


                  Best wishes


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                    aparker Employee

                    This is a good plan, especially if you're on 7.4 as you can put an nice HTML Report template over the data and give them a full form behind it which is Read Only except for the fields you want them to be able to change.


                    The one benefit of the process approach is that you can track when they have requested that change, but you could possibly put auditing on the attributes that you want them to change and track it that way.