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    Black screen in LD RC controlling a machine awoken from standby

    JSMCPN Expert

      So I have been playing with PC power management for a while now, and have noticed a high recurrence of a "black screen" issue with LANDesk Remote Control.  If I try to remote control a PC that was in standby mode, the session connects successfully, but the default blue-black gradient background in ISSCNTR changes to all black instead of getting the remote screen.  However, the mouse and keyboard do control the machine even though video is all black.  Changing the "Use mirror driver" setting has no effect, changing color depth has no effect, closing ISSCNTR and reconnecting has no effect.  Restarting the ISSUSER service on the client has no effect.  I have determined that if the PC wakes up but the monitor is still in standby, no video will be displayed through LD Remote Control.  If I have someone move the mouse to wake up the display, then I DO get video in ISSCNTR.


      Any ideas?  Is this expected behavior? Thanks!