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    Dropdown queries - Console vs. WebAccess


      This may have been asked already, but I couldn't find anything while searching.


      Why is it WebAccess does not display dropdowns the same as Console ?


      For example for Raise User.  We have a query called User Look Up that runs behind the dropdown and displays additional columns of information so an analyst can tell the difference between users with the same name.  Example John Smith.


      In Console it displays - Smith, John |  Userid |  Canada  |  Winipeg

      Basically - Name, Userid, Location, City


      Analysts can then search thru each column to get the correct person.


      On the same window in WebAccess, only name of the user is listed in one column.


      I think I read that WebAccess ignores window queries and you should use object/attribute filters.


      I tried that, but with no luck, still only get the one column.


      Anybody know how to get the same functionality in WebAccess ?


      I did open a support call, but have not heard anything back, so I thought I'd ask you nice people for suggestions...........