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    SLM - Product Monitored doesn't show any records (users)




      I'm using ldms version 9 SP2 and i got a SLM Problem.


      Two weeks ago, when i monitored the product and it was running well (the product showed some users who used it). Suddenly this product seems not showing anything users and the impact is the license that i have created doesn't show a valid license usage and doesn't calculate correctly. Here's the picture.




      I have calculated many times and didn't show anything ? is this some kind landesk bugs ? is there any patches that could fix this ?




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          Catalysttgj Expert

          I know this is old, and you've probably already heard, but just in case SP3 is the likely cure for this. SLM is busted in 9 sp2.




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            We experienced the same problem with SP3 Installed.  Remember there are logs.  In this case there is the SLM.ProductUsageCalculator.exe.log.  I our case, we were getting a unique constraint error relating to one of the database tables. Here is the critical log entry:


            Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'UQ_ProductUsage'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.SLM_ProductUsageResult'


            I noticed that a couple of application remained behind.  This included one that was dynamic and that I changed to be a single in the monitored products.  I thought that mght create duplicate values and so I deleted it and the other for good measure.  Problem solved.


            I am not saying this is everybody's problem, but the log file will give you a good start to find yours.  If you have to raise an incident with support, they will probably want this file data.