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    IIS resets versus Application Pool Recycles


      Hello all,


      two of our clients have just started using Service Portal after a successful pilot.

      They are now (after realising they haven't tested properly) requesting additional queries, windows, attributes, new users etc.


      so, no problem, we can make these changes in Console and wait patiently for these changes to take effect in Portal.


      We are aware that some things require a full IIS reset and others where an Application Poll recycle is recommended.


      Does anyone know if there is any documentation which would help us determine under what circumstances a full IIS reset or App Pool recycle is required.


      The customers are quite frustrated with having to wait for an overnight automated IIS reset to take place.


      Also, we have a 3-Tier setup as far as servers go, with 3 web servers and 2 Application servers - should we need to reset or recycle anything on the Application server too?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,