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    Incident Window view




      I have a user who opens any incident and only sees the  sees the Actions and the Incident Tree panels.  Incident details are not visible.  This is the same no matter which PC she logs in from.


      Does anyone know what might be causing this?


      Thanks in advance.

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          I should add we are using LANDesk Console v 7.2.6



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            karenpeacock SupportEmployee

            Hi there


            Your post reminded me of the time years ago when I started in support and someone said all their data "had just disappeared".  It turned out they'd changed their font to white on a white background ;-)  (Sorry I think I'm in a festive mood today!)


            I think that what you are describing could be the issue described in this article below and hope that this does the trick for your user:



            Best wishes


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              Hi Tim,


              I think the cause of this problem maybe due to the DPI text settings on the machine. Reducing the DPI size on the machine may prevent this problem in future.


              The problem reference is below to raise this with your support provider.


              5364 - Panel widths in Console continuously increase when the PCs DPI setting is changed





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                I see this fairly often with users that resize their windows often or use an odd screen resolution.  Support gave me a SQL script to fix the issue.


                WARNING: I am running 7.3.1 so you might want to check with support before running this script.


                delete from tps_application_user_setting where tps_user_guid = (select tps_guid from tps_user where tps_name = 'user_name_here')