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    Remote Desktop problem with Windows 7 VM

    gziznewski Rookie

      We use a mix of both physical machines and VM consoles that use the same Windows 7 image. Recently we found out that if you initiate a LANDesk Remote Control  Viewer to a VM it will not allow you to interact with the user who's already logged in. Instead, it will bring you to the Alt-Ctrl-Del screen. If you press Alt-Ctrl-Del, it will show that a user is already logged in.


      I'm pretty sure Win7 by default doesn’t allow a user to connect over RDP to “Session 0” which would prevent a remote control application from working. I believe all remote control apps (pcAnywhere, LD remote control, etc) need a user to be logged in to session 0 in order to work.


      Does anyone know if LanDesk has a fix for this? Thank you.