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    Relationships between CIs




      am trying to build relationships between CIs.

      What I found out is that it is possible to build relationships in CI Structures or in a window based on the 'Configuration Item Relationship' BO.


      e.g. I want to have a relationship between a workstation and a monitor. That works fine.


      But now, I want to avoid to build relationships to e.g. a monitor that has already a existing relationship to another workstation.


      Does someone have an idea if it is possible just to show e.g. monitors in the 'To Configuration Item' dropdown (in the window based on the 'Configuration Item Relationship' BO) that do not already have an existing relationship to another workstation?


      Or maybe there is another way to build relationships between CIs?


      Thanks for hints.



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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          Once you have the structure diagram on display you can flick off both particular CI types and particular relationship types from the display filters at the bottom right.


          If you create a relationship that has the property 'unique' then that will prevent you from adding that in more than once.


          So I'm not sure if that helps at all, but I thought I'd mention it.

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            hmm, I think the problem to make the relationship unique is that I will get thousands of unique relationships (one for each relation).


            What I was thinking about was to have the 'to configuration item' dropdown filled with CIs which are unused.


            I tried to create a filter just to show the e.g. software CIs which has not been used in a 'configuration item relationship' in the 'to configuration item' dropdown but I didn´t get that working