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    Linux Agent Does Not Report Linux Distribution


      We just installed LDMS 9.0 SP3 and a new Linux 64-bit agent.  Has some nice features - like custom data (missed SP2).  However, while the agent reports kernel version, it does not report the Linux distribution (Red Hat, CentOS, etc).  We have a mixture of Red Hat and CentOS servers.  This used to be reported as Computer.OS.Linux Info.Distribution, with Computer.OS.Linux Info.Issue containing the full text of /etc/redhat-release (version  Now I can't find it anywhere - I checked the Inventory Unknown Items - nothing there to match.  The output of map-osscan does not contain it, so it is not even being parsed.  Any thoughts on how to get this back?

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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          Interesting.  I am looking at my new SP3 core and a Red Hat box and I have the distribution right under OS.



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            I reinstalled just for fun.  OS.Name does not appear (used to, but not after the upgrade).  Here is part of my map-osscan output.  No mention of CentOS release 5.5 (Final), which is what /etc/redhat-release says.


            <scandata scan_dts="2011-12-21T16:21:27-0500" version="" tool="map-osscan" category="software">
                                            <platform name="" type="linux">
                                                            <option name="kernel" value="2.6.18-194.32.1.el5"/>
                                                            <option name="version" value=""/>
                                                            <option name="build" value="194.32.1"/>
                                                            <option name="build name" value=""/>
                                                            <option name="release" value=""/>
                                                            <option name="service pack" value=""/>
                                                            <option name="architecture" value="x86_64"/>
                                                            <option name="smp" value="yes"/>
                                                            <option name="vendor" value=""/>
                                                            <option name="primary user" value="medwards"/>
                                                            <option name="server" value="no"/>
                                                            <option name="build date" value="Wed Jan 5 17:52:25 EST 2011"/>
                                                            <option name="install date" value="1298053081"/>
                                                            <option name="host" value="us-wal-mg0007.ex.outcome.com"/>
                                                            <option name="serial" value="007f0100"/>
                                                            <option name="hardware" value="x86_64"/>
                                                            <option name="processor" value="x86_64"/>
                                                            <option name="platform" value="GNU/Linux"/>
                                                            <option name="uptime" value="0 Day, 0 Hour, 39 Minutes, 42 Seconds"/>
                                                            <option name="last boot" value="1324500105"/>
                                                            <option name="system root" value="/dev/mapper/rootVG-rootLV"/>
                                                            <option name="locale" value="en_US.UTF-8"/>
                                                            <option name="owner" value=""/>
                                                            <option name="organization" value=""/>


            map-osscan appears to be the right version:

            [root@us-wal-mg0007 logs]# /opt/landesk/bin/map-osscan -v
            Copyright (c) 2003-2010, LANDesk Software, Ltd.
            Nov  8 2011 11:18:10

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              Seems to has been fixed in latest 64 bits agent (