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    issftran.dll hang / can't reinstall




      We use LDMS9 SP2 and I had it on my PC working fine for the last few months, however, I had to completely

      reinstall my system from scratch, and reinstalling LDMS is an issue.


      It hangs on that pesky issftran.dll.


      Suggestions were to enter Bios and disable the fingerprinting thingy: no luck

      Uninstall Dell security software: no luck

      Get the newer .dll from

      Remote ControlLD90-SP2-MCP_RC-2011-0324

      http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-22561  : no luck


      Any idea/suggestions?


      And as some users, even though it hangs upon install, it still installs LDMS, but I'm then stuck on the login box,

      which says a service hasn't started yet...


      I'm on a LENOVO Thinkcentre, Win7 Pro SP1...

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          LANDave SupportEmployee

          I have moved this discussion to our Remote Control forum.   You will likely get better help there as it is the appropriate topic.


          One of our other techs did the following during the scenario:


          "Renamed the issftran.dll and issftran64.dll files to .old in \LANDeskSoftware90SP2\LANDesk\PF\LD\MS\_non. Then copied the issftran.dll and issftran64.dll files from \LANDeskSoftware90SP2\LANDesk\SP\Image to \LANDeskSoftware90SP2\LANDesk\PF\LD\MS\_non to replace the .old files that I renamed. Once this was done and the system rebooted, the install completed."


          You could also consider SP3 at this point.