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    Missing Query Folder


      Hi, my organization recently upgraded From LANDesk 8.8 to LANDesk 9.0. When I go into my queries folder, "User Queries" is missing. Can anyone help?




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          zman Master

          In 9.0 there are no more individual query nodes for each LANDesk user. This has been consolidated under All Queries. You can sort on Owner Column to see queries listed by Owner/User.

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            jstrain Apprentice

            I don't know how much feedback you've received on this change, but we do not like it.  We recently updated from 8.8 to 9, and were used to looking at not only user queries, but also user device groups and user tasks.  I am one of 3 LD admins in my organization, and when one of the other admins are out, it was convenient to look at their information and folder structures, especially for tasks.


            We can live with the new change, just curious if anyone else has voiced their opinion.