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    LDMS 9 SP3 linux agent fails to install in a SuSe 11 LE SP1 x64 Linux box




      We are unable to deploy the SuSe LDMS 9 SP3 agent in any SuSe 11 LE SP1 x64 machine. We get the following failure message when deploying from LANdesk console:


      Removing packages: sendemail sendsnmp walkup-locale-enu walkup-locale-rus walkup-locale-esp walkup-locale-chs walkup-locale-cht walkup-locale-deu walkup-locale-fra walkup-locale-jpn walkup-locale-ptb walkup-ui walkup-core-srv walkup-core-ws ...

      Finished removal.

      Removing packages: sdclient ...

      Finished removal.

      Error 1 returned while un-managing the IPMI/BMC stack; continuing.

      Removing packages: ldsmmonitor lsm-server lsm-admin lsm-client lsm-common Lbridge mgmtutilsSuSE mgmtutils ldipmi megalib ldnaSuSEldna ldsmbios smbase ...

      Finished removal.

      Expanding baseclient64 ...

      Missing tarball baseclient64.tar.gz

      Exiting with return code 1

      Install LDSM Agent for SUSE has ended


      If we attempt to deploy the agent manually the resulst are quite similar:




      Any body with the same issue out there?