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    Unable to link Parent Change


      Hello all,

      we are getting a link error when users try and attached a Parent Change to an existing change.

      I've read this information...




      Does anyone know which actions must be available in the parent Change at it's current status?


      i.e. If I select 'Add Parent Change' action from change record A, then select change record B from the presented query results, should change B also have to have 'Add Parent Change' action available OR is it expected to have the 'Add Child Change' action available?


      I'm a little unclear on this.


      Many thanks in advance,


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          elizabethcombrink Expert

          You need to have the corresponding action available on the other status.

          So if you've clicked Add Child Change, then the child needs to be a at a status that has Add Parent Change availabe as an optional action.

          If you want to link to a  Change from an incident, the incident needs to be at a status that has Add Change availalble etc