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    End-user vs Analyst - using concurrent licences in Self-Service


      Hi all


      I have a question around the usage of Concurrent licences when it comes to using WebDesk and Self Service portals.


      We are pretty much 100% web-based with integrated logon (so only use console for design work currently).  We also have processes (with more to come) within LANDesk looking after a variety of different business functions outside of the IT space, such as Facilities, Information Security, OH&S, HR etc.


      For some of these processes, we are looking at giving these analysts (as usage will be very low) concurrent licences only.


      If a user that has a concurrent licence assigned to them logs into WebDesk, then understandably they will use one of the available concurrent licences.  However, if that same user opens up the Self Service portal instead (so that they are accessing LANDesk as an end-user rather than an analyst), does that release the hold on the concurrent licence making it available to someone else?


      It is conceivable that some of our "analysts" would spend more time in LANDesk operating as end-users rather than as analysts, so I am hopeful that the licence will be released.  We are currently on v7.4, but I guess a response as it relates to v7.5 would be more applicable.