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    creating one query




      is it possible to create a query to see both incidents & service requests allocated to an engineer across dfferent assignment areas?



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          Mostly, sort of depends.  If you write a query that looks at the Process/process objects then you can get to see all processes no matter whether they are I,P, R or C or Tasks or whatever.  You can then filter to show just the process or classes you want to see.  You can only see attributes that are common to all processes, so for example you would not be able to see CIs and CI Types or Response Agreements.  That might be enough for you, but there may be another issue is if you want to see all process assigned to all groups that the analyst is a member of.  This is slightly tricky as there isn't an easy way of seeing all these without hard coding them all.  You can get quite close if you take a look at the system queries workload list and super user workload list.


          Now in the past you couldn't copy or modify these system queries to display different fields, change the sort order etc, but with 7.5 I've found you can now modify them at least.  But obviously be careful as you cannot officially copy them.

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            Thanks for your help....


            I have now created these queries.. I created them on our test environment, and they work!


            All I need to figure out is how to import them into the live environment from test....

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              Result!  Queries are pretty easy to transfer.  Run the Design Transfer shortcut in test, find your query and select it, export and say yes if it asks you questions about dependanct objects.....take file to PROD, Design Transfer, change to the import 'tab' and import.  If you are modifying an existing query, I'd recommend you make a copy so the query you take across is always seens as new.  ideally I'd suggest you practise with DT on a fresh copy of your DB just to hang of it.