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    Will an Advance Agent push via GPO overwrite an existing agent?


      Good Morning,

           My question comes from inexperience; any advice you all could give would be greatly appreciated:


      Info that may be of use:

      Agent Configuration: Workstations-v1 (For windows desktops)


      Created the following advance agents for remote locations based on the above package:

      Site1-Workstations.msi/exe (points to a unc path \\site1\share\site1-workstations.exe)

      Site2-Workstations.msi/exe (points to a unc path \\site2\share\site2-workstations.exe)


      I would like to create advance agent with a new name based on same workstations-v1 agent config:

      Domain-workstations.msi/exe that would point to a sysvol folder on our domain.


      I have pushed out a few hundred agents to our organization using basic agent push's.  I have also created a few advance agents from the same agent configurations package and placed them on shares in some of our remote locations. And scheduled advance agent pushes to the remote locations.  My questions is this:


      If I make a new advance agent (based on the same agent configuration package) and push this out via GPO will this new advance agent overwrite the existing agents I have already pushed out?  I would hate for the users I have already pushed the agent out to to get it a second time... Just hoping my inexperience didn't cause me a huge headache.



      Maybe one solution would be to create the new advance agent pointing to the sysvol and then manually scan and run the remote locations...


      Thanks in advance!




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