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    postcgi.exe process on LDMS 9

    dean9x Rookie

      Hi All,

      I have used LDMS 9 on one of our client, I noticed that in LDMS 9 there are a lot of postcgi.exe process on LD Core Server. Comparing to LDMS 8.7 there were no postcgi.exe running on Core Server Task Manager.

      Is this one of architectural changes on LDMS 9?





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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup



          In LD9SP3 both vulnerability scans and policy actions on the clients upload their results using the postcgi's webservices.




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            I have seen that there is lot of memory utilizations due this

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              BlairK Apprentice

              Hey Srikumar, This is a very old post which is answered so you may want to consider opening a new post if this is something you are currently experiencing. If you are having problems with performance on the core server, then there are a number of things which can cause this, for example...


              • The core server is underspecced for the number of managed systems. In some respects a server which was appropriate for an older LANDesk version or situation may not be for a newer version as well. Might be worth reviewing the resource allocation before you upgrade.
              • The core server has antivirus real-time scanning installed with no IIS, SQL or LANDesk exclusions configured. Real time AV on a core server with no exclusions will from what I've seen in many cases cause IIS to queue up web service tasks and impact performance and memory.
              • The core is shared with other applications or services which is not recommended.
              • The bottleneck can also be the network connection between core and database or the database server resource.
              • Storage configuration, like running the OS, apps, database etc on the same physical disk spindle.


              An LDMS 9.0 / 9.5 core should perform just fine if its specced / configured right even with these web service changes.